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Crow Mtn. Camping Rental

Mar 6, 2024 | Campsite Rentals

One RV, Camper, or primitive camper spot available located on top of Crow Mtn at 840’ elevation (450’ higher than the City of Russellville) right on the bluff with a beautiful view of the River Valley. Location is directly under the line of totality and located outside of town (10mi West of Russellville and 1mi North of Atkins).  This is an excellent location for somebody who wants a more peaceful experience away from the crowds, noise and excess street lighting.  Renter will have the entire acre to themselves. The view is exceptional.  Renter agrees to sign a hold harmless agreement. 

Please call (479) 857-3956 for booking.

$1000 weather you stay 1 night or 4 nights.